I venture to say that very few of us Pagans were raised Pagan.  I'll venture another assumption and say that most of us were probably raised Christian.  We all left the church for various reasons and found our spiritual home in Paganism.  For many of us, myself included, Paganism was a breathe of fresh air that spoke to our soul.

However, I will admit that sometimes being a Pagan sucks.  The problem with Paganism is that it's so old that most/all of it isn't written down anywhere.  It's also so "new" that there aren't Pagan temples on every corner and hoards of fellow Pagans gathering in every town.  Sometimes being a Pagan is lonely and confusing.

Christians have it better...sometimes

Most of us turn to religion for guidance, connection and community.  We want to know how we should live our lives.  We want to feel that we aren't a meaningless individual floating in space.  We want to commune with fellow believes and feel the strength of that solidarity.  All of these things are difficult to find in Paganism.

Christianity (or really any of the Big Three), is equipped with holy book, churches and millions of followers.  Paganism, on the other hand, has no definitive holy book, very few gathering places and far fewer followers.

So we can all agree that sometimes being a Pagan sucks.  So why be a Pagan?  What can we learn from Christians?

Next time I'll talk about why everything that makes being a Pagan suck are the same things that make it awesome.

 photo credit: Shavar Ross via photopin cc

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