I'm pleased to be able to offer a Pagan-themed January 2013 BBT Chart.  When I was trying to conceive I used the Basal Body Temperature chart to track my peak fertility.  I really wanted a Pagan-themed chart that allowed me to track the correspondences, lunar phases and zodiac.  The chart is made to be printed and filled out daily. 

This is the proto-type that I will be offering for sale at a fair price in the near future.  I hope you'll try it out and give me feedback to make it even better!

Thank you and happy holidays!

Download here


  1. Interesting!

    I'm no longer charting, since I had my tubes tied after my 2nd high risk pregnancy resulted in a preemie, but this would have been great. I especially like the moon phase addition, because I know there are some theories out there about the moon phase affecting fertility.

    1. There definitely are! I was very interested in the moon phases when I was charting and thought it would be a useful addition to the BBT Chart.

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